Premium & authentic dairy products to add vibrance this festive season

Premium & authentic dairy products to add vibrance this festive season

No Indian celebration is complete without delicious sweets. "Muh mitha kijiye" is a famous phrase in India that portrays the importance of sweets during festivals, get-togethers and celebrations in every Indian household. This blog will share a few recipes for making sweets using Highland Farms products to help you celebrate this festival season. 

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Gulab jamuns using Highland Farms Fresh Khoya- If you are someone who happens to love Khoya, then you have landed on the absolute right blog. To satisfy your sweet cravings, here's a delicious recipe using our authentic khoya you should try. 

Gulab jamun, also called Indian Donuts, is a deep-fried dumpling comprised of flour and sugar syrup. This traditional Indian sweet is a part of every celebration. Gulab jamuns are delightful and will sate your sweet tooth. Here is the recipe. 



  • Highland Farm Khoya (200 grams) 
  • Paneer (100 grams) 
  • Maida (3 tbsp) 
  • Rava (2tbsp) 
  • Cardamoms 
  • Milk 
  • Baking powder 
  • Oil for frying 
  • Sugar 
  • Rose water(optional) 



  • In a bowl, mash and grate the khoya until there are no lumps.  
  • Then combine the khoya with the grated paneer, rava, maida, baking powder, and cardamom. 
  • Form the dough with the milk mixture. Make an effort not to knead the dough.  
  • Then, smear a little oil on your palms and begin shaping the dough into little balls. If the balls shatter, try adding milk to the mixture to moisten it.  
  • In a separate pan, dissolve the sugar in the water and boil until it becomes sticky. Once uniformity is achieved, turn off the flame. 
  • To improve the flavor and aroma of the syrup, add rose water. 
  • In a separate pan, heat the oil and reduce the heat for a minute before slowly placing the balls in the pan. 
  • Keep turning the gulab jamun to ensure consistent golden color. 
  • Drain the Gulab jamun on tissue paper and serve hot. 


Barfi using Highland Farms Condensed Milk- Sweetened condensed milk works wonder in any type of Indian sweet dish. It is one of the magical ingredients that highlight the taste of sweets. Here is one such recipe using condensed milk. 

A delicious milk dessert called barfi is enjoyed all around the country. Using the basic ingredients included in our food, preparing this barfi is a fairly easy process. From the Persian word barf, which implies snow, comes the word barfi. 




  • Combine milk powder and condensed milk in a large mixing bowl. 
  • Make a stiff dough with the ingredients and place it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. 
  • The dough should now be grated and set aside. 
  • In a large saucepan, melt ghee over low heat. Add the grated dough and water to this pan. 
  • The liquid is then stirred, and cardamom powder is added. 
  • Cook, occasionally stirring, until the water evaporates and the mixture is gathered in the center of the pan. 
  • Then add the pistachios and set aside to cool. 
  • Finally, cut the barfi into preferred shapes and garnish with almonds and silver varks before serving. 


Rava Laddu using Highland Farms A2 Milk Ghee- Ghee is one of the favorite ingredients for all kinds of cooking, including sweets in Indian households.

A tasty and fragrant sweet dish, Rava laddu has a hint of crunch from roasted Rava. Here is the complete recipe. 



  • Rava (1 ¼ cup) 
  • Fresh desiccated coconut 
  • Sugar 
  • Cardamom powder 
  • Highland Farms A2 Milk Ghee 
  • Chopped raisins or cashews. 


  • Heat the ghee in a pan over medium temperature. 
  • Then cook the rava while constantly swirling it to prevent it from burning. 
  • When the rava becomes light and crisp, move it to a new container. 
  • Set aside the roasted coconut while it retains its scent. 
  • In the same pan, heat the ghee and add the cashews. Then add the cashew and raisin combination to the rava mixture.  
  • Then, slowly drizzle in the hot ghee and continue to stir. 
  • Take a tiny amount of the mixture and roll it into balls. 
  • Rava laddus can be stored in an airtight jar. 


Another way to enjoy this festive season is to give your loved ones a box of happiness. Highland Farms offers a variety of A2 cow milk delight products that are a perfect gifting option for your family and friends. 


Rabri - The Rabri from Highland Farms has a rich and delightful taste. Organic khandsari adds sweetness to the rabri with the aromatic flavour of green cardamom. It is available in 3 flavors- Rabri Classic, Rabri Kesar. 


What sets Highland Farms’ Rabri apart? 

  • Made from free-range A2 cow milk. 
  • No preservatives 
  • We take great pride in employing only traditional methods to make our A2 cow milk Rabri. 
  • Our A2 cow milk Rabri is kept and sold in glass containers. 


  • Mishti Doi- Make your day sweeter with our wholesome, 100% natural Mishti Doi, which has a flavour of Kolkata. 


What sets Highland Farms’ Mishti Doi apart? 

  • Our Mishti Doi is produced using milk from pastured cows. 
  • Our cow milk products have no artificial preservatives. 
  • To guarantee the authenticity of our Mishti Doi, we employ an entirely conventional procedure. 
  • We use premium glass containers to store and distribute our goods made from cow milk. 


Enjoy this festive season with these fantastic recipes using pure ingredients, or get your favourite delights from our website. This festive season, stay safe, eat healthily and spread the sweetness. 





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