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Khoya is a rich source of protein, calcium and vitamins A & D that promote overall health and well-being. It is prepared by simmering milk for a long duration and is mainly used to prepare traditional sweets and desserts. Our Khoya is made from free-range desi cow milk and is considered a healthier alternative to sweetened condensed milk.  

 Why choose A2 Cow Milk Khoya? 

  • A2 cow milk is easier to digest 
  • It is easier on gut 
  • Lower in fat, as compared to buffalo milk 

 What sets Highland Farms’ A2 Cow Milk Khoya apart? 

  • Free-range A2 cow milk for khoya production 
  • Clean glass packing for extended shelf life 
  • Preservative-free 
  • 100% traditional methods for production 
  • Open field grazing  
  • Ethical methods 

Why buy from Highland Farms? 

  • We offer next-day delivery (T&C apply).    
  • We accept cash on delivery and pay-on-delivery options.    
  • We have cold chain delivery services.    
  • Our subscribers enjoy additional discounts and benefits.    
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