Why Fresh Labneh Cheese Is Your Best Friend?

Why Fresh Labneh Cheese Is Your Best Friend?


Many of us like the taste of fresh cheese either on a bagel or toast. But a dollop of cream cheese is often associated with it being an unhealthy food. What if we told you this beautiful artisanal cheese is made of free-range A-2 cow milk that is yummy to taste and has health benefits? Trust us when we say we are not joking because we talk about fresh labneh cheese.

But before we go into the details of why fresh labneh cheese should be your new best friend among all the cheeses, let’s know what labneh cheese is?

What Is Labneh Cheese?

Apart from the fact that it is a highly nutritional cheese that is light and refreshing with a tangy taste, labneh cheese has been a staple in the Middle Eastern household for centuries. At times it is also referred to as yogurt cheese which is done by straining the milk or kefir to get a thick and highly concentrated cheese.

It is often used as a dip or spread seasoned with other herbs and spices. The creamy texture of labneh cheese helps in adding more flavor to desserts.

But that’s not what labneh cheese is all about; it is packed with probiotics and nutrients that can benefit overall health.

Why Is Fresh Labneh Cheese Your Best Friend?

Fresh labneh cheese is not only tasty but healthy too. Let’s go over some nutritional facts about this creamy cheese.

A single serving is of 80 calories, with the following:

Protein: 5 grams

Fat: 6 grams

Calcium: 140 milligrams

Vitamin A: 300 international units

Iron: 0.36 milligrams

Sodium: 530 milligrams

Apart from these, it also has phosphorous, potassium, and phosphorous.

So, if you are wondering what health benefits labneh cheese offers, without any further adieu, here are the top five.

  1. High In Protein

Protein deficiency can cause many health issues like muscle loss, stunted growth, impede the immune system, increased hunger. Labneh cheese is a good source of protein, which is essential for cell and tissue repairing, enzyme production, and synthesis hormones, to name a few. Therefore, daily adding a couple of labneh servings can enhance your protein intake.


  1. Aides With Weight Loss

Since labneh cheese is a good source of protein, if you are looking to shed some pounds from your body weight, adding the artisanal fresh cheese can be your way out. The high protein diet reduces the hunger hormone. As a result, calorie intake is reduced. It hence helps in reducing the weight.

  1. Preferable For Lactose Intolerance

Most butter, ice cream, milk, cheese, and yogurt have lactose. It is a type of sugar that is present in dairy products. However, many people find this milk sugar challenging to digest, causing them to become lactose intolerant. The lack of an enzyme in digesting the lactose can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating, and even indigestion. However, the straining process used in making labneh cheese lowers the lactose content. Therefore, it makes digesting labneh cheese easy for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

  1. Aides Blood Sugar Control

Neither high blood sugar level nor low is good. Maintaining an optimum level of blood sugar is a must to ensure the overall wellbeing of the health. While low blood sugar can cause fainting,  people with higher blood sugar levels without proper control can result to nerve damage and even vision loss. Including a couple of serving of labneh cheese with high-protein food can help maintain optimum blood sugar levels.

  1. Good For Gut Health

Like kefir, labneh cheese is a fermented product high in probiotics, which is healthy bacteria. It helps in strengthening the microbiome and improving gut health. Optimum levels of probiotics can help develop an enhanced immune system, control cholesterol, improve digestion and even aid in cancer prevention.

Final Words

Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have been using milk and products like labneh cheese as medicine for years. It has been used to treat anemia, malnutrition, and even constipation. So, if you have been thinking of eating cheese that does not add pressure to your arteries with fat, try this healthy and tasty fresh labneh cheese from Highland farms.

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