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Highland Farms

Feta Spread

Feta Spread

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Highland Farms' A2 Feta Spread Mustard made with milk from healthy, grass-fed desi cows. These cows naturally produce milk containing only A2 protein which is easier for many people to digest.  Our A2 Feta Spread has a creamy and flavorful texture along with the richness of kasundi mustard. 

Why choose Feta Spread made from A2 cow milk?    

  • Low in calories  
  • High in proteins  
  • Good for digestion  
  • A good source of calcium  

What sets Highland Farms' Feta spread apart?   

  • A2 cow milk feta spread is made from free-range A2 cow milk.   
  • Prepared using the 100% traditional method.   
  • Preservative-free.   
  • We use high-quality glass packaging for all our products.   

What makes Highland Farms unique?  

Highland Farms strives to offer authentic A2 cow milk products. Our free-range cows graze on fresh grass in the open fields of the Aravalli Mountain range to produce healthy A2 cow milk. We follow 100% traditional and ethical methods to serve hygienic and high-quality premium dairy products.    

What are the benefits of buying from Highland Farms?   

  • We offer same-day and next-day deliveries (T&C apply).     
  • We accept cash-on-delivery and pay-on-delivery options.     
  • We have cold chain delivery services.     
  • Our subscribers enjoy additional discounts and benefits.  


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