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Flavored Milk

Flavored Milk

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The delightful fusion of A2 Flavored Milk infused with the aromatic essence of Elaichi (Cardamom). Hot Chocolate and many more. Crafted from pure A2 cow's milk, this flavored milk offers a tantalizing taste experience. Enjoy the richness of A2 milk complemented by the fragrant touch of cardamom, a perfect blend for a refreshing indulgence.

Why choose A2 Cow Flavored Milk ?

  • A2 cow milk is easier to digest
  • Easier on gut
  • Low in fat as compared to buffalo milk

What sets Highland Farms’ A2 Cow Flavored Milk ?

  • Free-range A2 cow milk for making fresh cream
  • Clean glass packing for extended shelf life
  • Preservative-free
  • 100% traditional methods
  • Open field grazing
  • Ethical methods

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