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Rabri Kesar Pista, 200gm

Rabri Kesar Pista, 200gm

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Introducing Highland Farms A2 Milk Rabri: A Traditional Delicacy with Modern Precision

Indulge in the richness of Indian tradition with Highland Farms A2 Milk Rabri, meticulously crafted using the wholesome goodness of Aravalli grazed desi cows' milk. Our Rabri is a quintessential dessert that transcends generations, offering a symphony of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Prepared through time-honored methods, each spoonful embodies the essence of authentic Indian sweetness.

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Traditional methods

Crafted with Care

At Highland Farms, we uphold the sanctity of tradition while embracing modern standards of quality and hygiene. Our A2 Milk Rabri is prepared using traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring every batch captures the essence of authenticity. Handpicked ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship guarantee a premium dessert experience that surpasses expectations.

Tratioanl Festive Sweet

A Festival Staple

In the tapestry of Indian festivities, sweets hold a revered place, symbolizing joy, prosperity, and togetherness. Highland Farms A2 Milk Rabri is more than just a dessert; it's a symbol of tradition and celebration. Whether it's Diwali, Eid, or any other auspicious occasion, our Rabri adds a touch of sweetness to every moment, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories.

Indian taste of flavor

Experience the Essence of Tradition

With Highland Farms A2 Milk Rabri, embark on a culinary journey steeped in tradition and flavor. Elevate your dessert repertoire with our premium offerings, meticulously crafted to captivate the senses and ignite the spirit of celebration. Order now and discover the irresistible charm of authentic Indian sweetness, delivered fresh to your doorstep.

  • Classic

    Embark on a journey of nostalgia with the timeless flavor of Classic Rabri, where the creamy texture and delicate sweetness evoke memories of traditional festivities and cherished family gatherings.

  • Kesar Pista

    Savor the exotic blend of saffron and pistachio in our Kesar Pista Rabri, where the aromatic essence of saffron harmonizes with the nutty crunch of pistachios, creating a symphony of flavors that transport you to the vibrant streets of India.

  • Dry Fruits

    Indulge in opulence with our Dry Fruits Rabri, adorned with a medley of almonds, cashews, and raisins, each bite a celebration of richness and abundance.

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Most Frequent Asked Queries

Why choose Rabri prepared from A2 cow milk?

  • A2 cow milk Rabri is rich in calcium, which helps build strong bones in kids and adults.
  • Rabri from A2 cow milk is also rich in potassium and phosphorus, which promotes better muscle function and regulation of blood pressure.
  • A2 cow milk rabri is also easier to digest, promotes tissue and cell growth and enhances good cholesterol.

What sets Highland Farms’ Rabri apart?

  • The entire range of our A2 cow milk products, including Rabri, is made with free-range A2 cow milk.
  • At Highland Farms, we do not use any artificial preservatives on products.
    We are proud to produce our A2 cow milk Rabri Classic using 100% traditional methods.
  • We use high-quality glass packaging for all our products.

What makes Highland Farms unique?

Highland Farms strives to offer authentic A2 cow milk products. Our free-range cows graze on fresh grass in the open fields of the Aravalli Mountain range to produce healthy A2 cow milk. We follow 100% traditional and ethical methods to serve you hygienic and high-quality premium dairy products.

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  • We offer COD on all of our orders.
  • On selected orders, you will also enjoy free shipping.
  • We also offer old chain delivery on most of our orders.
  • You will enjoy extra benefits if you have a subscription plan with us.

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